2021-01-15 CyberLeodns/py-dns: resurrect dead port master
2021-01-15 CyberLeodatabases/py-MySQLdb: resurrect dead port
2021-01-14 CyberLeonet/rsync: update patch to chroot before chdiring
2019-12-01 CyberLeonet/rsync: update patch to chroot rsync server as well...
2019-12-01 CyberLeoMaintain rsync efficiency with patches
2019-03-28 CyberLeomisc-cdn/cdn-base: add bsdstats to default install
2018-11-10 CyberLeonet/tinyfugue-unicode: Tinyfugue with kruton unicode...
2017-02-19 CyberLeonet/tinyfugue: add patch to fix vsprintf crash in /ps
2016-01-13 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: update to version 1.1.0
2015-12-27 CyberLeowww/varnish4: update init script
2015-12-01 CyberLeowww/varnish4: update init scripts
2015-12-01 CyberLeosysutils/gkrellm2: update pkgconfig makefile patch
2015-12-01 CyberLeowww/varnish4: varnishncsa no longer recognizes -c flag
2015-07-01 CyberLeowww/varnish4: update patch to new port version and...
2015-07-01 CyberLeowww/varnish: update patch to new port version
2015-02-07 CyberLeoRevert "java/openjdk[67]: temporary patch for openjdk...
2015-02-07 CyberLeowww/pound: SSL protocol disablement patch replaced...
2014-12-30 CyberLeojava/openjdk[67]: temporary patch for openjdk build...
2014-12-10 CyberLeoports-mgmt/poudriere: now supports tarball method natively
2014-11-07 CyberLeowww/pound: patch to disable SSLv2 and SSLv3
2014-11-07 CyberLeoRevert "patch: stagify and unbreak sysutils/apcupsd"
2014-07-04 CyberLeopatch: stagify and unbreak sysutils/apcupsd
2014-07-04 CyberLeomisc-cdn/cdn-base: flag is now in ports at misc/flag
2014-07-04 CyberLeopatch: rsync-update patch made it in, but the flags...
2014-07-04 CyberLeoRevert "sysutils/apcupsd: include ports/170522 patch...
2014-05-24 CyberLeoRevert "emulators/virtualbox-ose: correct headless...
2014-04-05 CyberLeoemulators/virtualbox-ose: correct headless build
2014-03-01 CyberLeonet/openafs: remove kernconf patch
2014-02-01 CyberLeomisc-cdn/cdn-base: remove portaudit
2014-01-18 CyberLeoports-mgmt/poudriere: update patch to apply to latest
2014-01-18 CyberLeoports-mgmt/poudriere: add patch to provide tarball...
2014-01-05 CyberLeomisc-cdn/flag: revbump
2013-10-24 CyberLeoSwitch to include for dependency strip patch
2013-10-20 CyberLeoUpdate homepages in pkg-descr
2013-10-20 CyberLeoMake portlint (somewhat) happy
2013-10-20 CyberLeoapply: disable ports tree validity check due to errors...
2013-10-20 CyberLeomisc-cdn/flag: revbump
2013-10-19 CyberLeopatch: enhance STRIP_PERL5* and STRIP_PYTHON* to suppor...
2013-10-19 CyberLeomisc-cdn/crc32sum: deprecated by base system 'cksum...
2013-10-19 CyberLeomisc-cdn/freebsd-rc: remove deprecated port
2013-10-19 CyberLeomisc-cdn/shlib: STAGING support
2013-10-19 CyberLeomisc-cdn/flag: STAGING support
2013-10-19 CyberLeomisc-cdn/flag: OPTIONS support
2013-10-19 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: STAGING support
2013-10-19 CyberLeomisc-cdn/cdn-base: STAGING support
2013-08-07 CyberLeosysutils/gkrellm2: USES pkgconfig
2013-07-16 CyberLeomisc-cdn/git+gitweb: slave port to allow targetted...
2013-07-16 CyberLeoMakefile: CVS removal broke rsync ports update patch
2013-04-20 CyberLeomisc-cdn/cdn-base: depend on portaudit
2013-03-17 CyberLeowww/varnish: patch rcscripts to add -n option variable
2013-03-10 CyberLeomisc-cdn/flag: revbump
2013-01-17 CyberLeomisc-cdn/shlib: revbump
2012-12-29 CyberLeomsic-cdn/shlib: revbump
2012-12-09 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: remove redundant reinplace
2012-12-09 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: revbump and new port options...
2012-11-15 CyberLeosysutils/apcupsd: include ports/170522 patch for system...
2012-11-15 CyberLeoMakefile: include ports/171681 rsync update patch
2012-11-15 CyberLeoapply: do not include the portsnap index
2012-08-26 CyberLeomisc-cdn/cdn-base: new port to pull in everything usual...
2012-07-09 CyberLeomisc-cdn/shlib: Release 1.0.2
2012-07-09 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: stop conflicting with bash-completion
2012-07-09 CyberLeoapply: move location of assembled ports tree so it...
2012-07-05 CyberLeox11/rxvt-unicode: add patch to avoid setting urgent...
2012-07-05 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: Release 1.0.8
2012-06-25 CyberLeonet/openafs: patch Makefile to handle out-of-tree kerne...
2012-06-17 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: Release 1.0.7
2012-06-17 CyberLeoapply: clarify message
2012-05-14 CyberLeoRework to support multiple overlays and require less...
2012-04-19 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: include missing plist files
2012-02-12 CyberLeoupdate: force file ownership root:wheel when applying...
2012-02-12 CyberLeomisc-cdn/flag: Release 1.0.2
2012-02-12 CyberLeomisc-cdn/freebsd-rc: deprecated by base system 'service...
2012-02-12 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: release 1.0.6
2012-02-11 CyberLeoupdate: unmount and remount any null mounts of /usr...
2012-02-11 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: release 1.0.5
2012-01-02 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: release 1.0.4
2011-07-25 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: release 1.0.3
2011-07-18 CyberLeoupdate: zpool moved from alba to amani; missing ports...
2011-07-18 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: new release
2011-07-18 CyberLeoMakefile.local: SUBDIR, not SUBDIRS
2011-01-03 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: use REINPLACE_CMD instead of sed
2011-01-03 CyberLeonet/rsync: rename patch so that the ports system can...
2011-01-03 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: version bump; also tweak plist
2011-01-02 CyberLeomisc-cdn/*: make portlint happy
2011-01-02 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: new port
2011-01-02 CyberLeoupdate: add -n flag to avoid syncing and snapshotting...
2011-01-01 CyberLeofix deps
2011-01-01 CyberLeoSplit this up later
2011-01-01 CyberLeoInitial import