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last changeFri, 15 Jan 2021 02:52:19 +0000 (20:52 -0600)
2021-01-15 CyberLeodns/py-dns: resurrect dead port master
2021-01-15 CyberLeodatabases/py-MySQLdb: resurrect dead port
2021-01-14 CyberLeonet/rsync: update patch to chroot before chdiring
2019-12-01 CyberLeonet/rsync: update patch to chroot rsync server as well...
2019-12-01 CyberLeoMaintain rsync efficiency with patches
2019-03-28 CyberLeomisc-cdn/cdn-base: add bsdstats to default install
2018-11-10 CyberLeonet/tinyfugue-unicode: Tinyfugue with kruton unicode...
2017-02-19 CyberLeonet/tinyfugue: add patch to fix vsprintf crash in /ps
2016-01-13 CyberLeomisc-cdn/bash-config: update to version 1.1.0
2015-12-27 CyberLeowww/varnish4: update init script
2015-12-01 CyberLeowww/varnish4: update init scripts
2015-12-01 CyberLeosysutils/gkrellm2: update pkgconfig makefile patch
2015-12-01 CyberLeowww/varnish4: varnishncsa no longer recognizes -c flag
2015-07-01 CyberLeowww/varnish4: update patch to new port version and...
2015-07-01 CyberLeowww/varnish: update patch to new port version
2015-02-07 CyberLeoRevert "java/openjdk[67]: temporary patch for openjdk...
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