2020-01-05 CyberLeoLook for flag in site-local too, for FreeBSD master 1.0.6
2020-01-05 CyberLeoAdd gzip crc32 algo
2015-06-18 CyberLeoAdd Python crc32 algo
2014-01-05 CyberLeoMake checkbashsism (mostly) happy 1.0.5
2014-01-05 CyberLeoEliminate scary eval and sed invocation
2013-10-20 CyberLeoRework crc32 algorithm selection mechanism 1.0.4
2013-10-20 CyberLeoAvoid caching flag if no usable crc32 algo was found
2013-10-20 CyberLeoAdd README
2013-03-10 CyberLeoFreeBSD has a cksum binary that may be useful 1.0.3
2012-02-12 CyberLeoModify algorithm to toggle inverse command along with... 1.0.2
2012-02-12 CyberLeoWhitespace cleanup
2010-03-07 CyberLeoStub bash include for prompt flag 1.0.1
2009-02-21 CyberLeoAll diagnostics print to stderr, to prevent tainting... 1.0.0
2009-01-12 CyberLeoDefault flag render char is now the hex number for...
2009-01-06 CyberLeoAdded init.d script to update /etc/issue with a flag
2009-01-06 CyberLeoBackslash fixup
2009-01-06 CyberLeoFreeBSD fixup
2009-01-06 CyberLeoHelp blurb clarification
2009-01-06 CyberLeoInitial import