2017-05-06 CyberLeoUpdate gems master
2017-05-06 CyberLeoMerge in live changes
2017-05-06 CyberLeoGive cuepoints and phrasing their own sections
2017-05-06 CyberLeoBump ruby version
2017-05-06 CyberLeoIgnore empty tracklist rows
2017-05-06 CyberLeoLog title change times to cue files for easier cuesheet...
2016-02-20 CyberLeoNew ruby require explicit encoding for CSV
2016-01-02 CyberLeoChange sets layout
2015-05-11 CyberLeoCorrect list handling
2015-01-31 CyberLeoUpdate set with notes and mods
2015-01-31 CyberLeoRemove controls; use index number region as commit...
2015-01-29 CyberLeoHopefully the last screwing around
2015-01-29 CyberLeoEven more screwing around
2015-01-29 CyberLeoMore screwing around
2015-01-28 CyberLeoScrewing around
2015-01-28 CyberLeoInitial commit