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2014-11-23 CyberLeoAdd age to result view master
2014-11-22 CyberLeoAvoid trapping Exception; use StandardError instead
2014-11-22 CyberLeoSplit check into web and worker bits to reduce check...
2014-11-22 CyberLeoIndicate staleness in check view
2014-11-22 CyberLeoAvoid X-Frame-Options to allow embedding on homepage
2014-11-16 CyberLeoAdd port to database check; close connection after...
2014-11-16 CyberLeoAdd HOME env to service script
2014-11-10 CyberLeoNaive parallelization of checks to reduce response...
2014-11-09 CyberLeoAdd runsv service and logging
2014-11-09 CyberLeoAnd behold, thus she sprang, fully formed, from the...
2014-11-09 CyberLeoInitial commit
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