2016-11-04 CyberLeoAdd google webmaster tools ownership file master
2016-04-26 CyberLeoSet ruby version to 2.3.0
2016-04-26 CyberLeoProduction deployment path
2016-04-26 CyberLeoPalette-reduce and crush PNG generated from SVG
2016-04-26 CyberLeoLink properly
2014-03-08 CyberLeoRender SVG to PNG to work aorund Firefox security const...
2014-03-08 CyberLeoAdd favicon
2014-03-04 CyberLeoIgnore crash log
2014-03-04 CyberLeoDeploy to nyoka clients area
2014-03-04 CyberLeoReplace top bar with proper SVG asset
2014-03-02 CyberLeoInitial commit: functionally identical to production...