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last changeWed, 14 Aug 2019 09:36:25 +0000 (09:36 +0000)
8 days ago hselaskyImplement pci_enable_msi() and pci_disable_msi() in... master
9 days ago mavAdd missing break statements in r351004.
9 days ago cemgeom_uzip(4), mkuzip(8): Add Zstd image mode
9 days ago mavMake nvd(4) report NGUID or EUI64 as GEOM::lunid.
9 days ago jhbFix build with DRM and INVARIANTS enabled.
9 days ago mckusickClarify comment that describes how the FS_METACKHASH...
9 days ago cemRemove deprecated GEOM classes
9 days ago emastesys/{x86,amd64}: remove one of doubled ;s
9 days ago asomersping: use the monotonic clock to measure durations
9 days ago asomersping6: use the monotonic clock to measure durations
9 days ago asomersping: fix data type of a variable for a packet sequence...
9 days ago asomersConsistently use the byteorder functions in the correct...
9 days ago asomersfusefs: skip some tests when unsafe aio is disabled
9 days ago impr350976 accidentally removed nvram device. Restore it.
9 days ago asomersfusefs: add SVN Keywords to the test files
9 days ago emasteRemove some more leftover rlogin man page xrefs
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8 days ago stable/11
8 days ago stable/12
8 days ago stable/10
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8 days ago master
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2 weeks ago projects/runtime-coverage-v2
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2 weeks ago releng/11.3
2 weeks ago releng/11.2
3 weeks ago releng-CDN/11.2
4 weeks ago user/pho/stress2
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7 weeks ago release/11.3.0