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last changeTue, 21 May 2019 15:12:13 +0000 (15:12 +0000)
4 days ago kibNDFREE(): Fix unlocking for LOCKPARENT|LOCKLEAF and... master
4 days ago stevekThe older detection methods (smbios.bios.vendor and...
4 days ago traszXr make_dev(9) from devfs(5).
4 days ago traszMake linux_ptrace() use linux_msg() instead of printf().
4 days ago ngieAdd my name to the copyright
4 days ago ngieFollow up to r348042: cast `aad` to a byte array
4 days ago ngieFix encoding issues with python 3
4 days ago jhibbitsstand: TARGET_ARCH is spelled MACHINE_ARCH in Makefiles
4 days ago ngieRemove spurious newline
4 days ago ngieFix `KAT(CCM)?Parser` file descriptor leaks
4 days ago ngieSquash deprecation warning related to array.array(...
4 days ago jhibbitsstand/powerpc: Only build loader.kboot for powerpc64
5 days ago cemInclude eventhandler.h in more compilation units
5 days ago ngieUnbreak the build when `ELF_VERBOSE` is defined after...
5 days ago ngieFollowup to r347996
5 days ago cemAdd two missing eventhandler.h headers
4 days ago releng-CDN/11.2
4 days ago stable/12
4 days ago projects/fuse2
4 days ago svn_head
4 days ago master
4 days ago projects/runtime-coverage-v2
4 days ago user/ngie/bug-237403
5 days ago stable/11
5 days ago user/pho/stress2
10 days ago releng/12.0
11 days ago releng/11.2
11 days ago stable/10
3 weeks ago projects/nfsv42
6 weeks ago user/ngie/fix-up-cxxstd
6 weeks ago projects/hps_callouts
7 weeks ago projects/kyua-use-googletest-test-interface