2015-02-25 delphijFix integer overflow in IGMP protocol. [SA-15:04] master
2015-01-27 delphijFix SCTP SCTP_SS_VALUE kernel memory corruption and...
2015-01-14 delphijFix multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSL. [SA-15:01]
2014-12-23 des[SA-14:31] Fix multiple vulnerabilities in NTP suite.
2014-12-17 delphijFix unbound remote denial of service vulnerability.
2014-12-10 delphijFix multiple vulnerabilities in file(1) and libmagic(3).
2014-11-04 des[SA-14:24] Fix denial of service attack against sshd(8).
2014-10-21 delphijTime zone data file update. [EN-14:10]
2014-10-21 delphijFix rtsold(8) remote buffer overflow vulnerability...
2014-09-16 delphijFix Denial of Service in TCP packet processing.
2014-09-09 delphijFix multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilities:
2014-07-08 delphijFix kernel memory disclosure in control message and...
2014-06-24 delphijFix iconv(3) NULL pointer dereference and out-of-bounds...
2014-06-05 delphijFix OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities.
2014-06-03 delphijFix sendmail improper close-on-exec flag handling....
2014-05-13 delphijFix OpenSSL NULL pointer deference vulnerability. ...
2014-04-30 delphijFix devfs rules not applied by default for jails.
2014-04-08 delphijFix NFS deadlock vulnerability. [SA-14:05]
2014-01-16 gjbMFreleng10 r259582 (reverse), MFstable10 r259491, r2594...
2014-01-15 gjbUpdate releng/10.0 to -RELEASE as part of the 10.0...
2014-01-15 hrsRecord a missing mergeinfo.
2014-01-14 hrs- MFC 260656:
2014-01-14 delphijDocument recent security advisories (since 9.2-RELEASE...
2014-01-14 delphijMFS r260639 (MFC r260637):
2014-01-14 delphijMFS r260638 (MFC r260636):
2014-01-14 gjbRevert r260613, iw_cxgbe is correct, but does not have...
2014-01-14 gjbClean up unnecessary blank lines.
2014-01-14 gjbFix various release notes nits.
2014-01-13 gjbAdd punctuation to sentences where missing.
2014-01-13 gjbAdd entity for if_cxgbe(4) manual.
2014-01-13 gjbUpdate copyright year.
2014-01-13 bdreweryMFS r260608:
2014-01-08 gjbUpdate releng/10.0/ to -RC5 as part of the 10.0-RELEASE...
2014-01-07 mjgMFC r260232:
2014-01-07 pjdMFstable/10 r260402:
2014-01-07 delphijMFS r260404 (MFC r260403 (MFV r260399)):
2014-01-06 glebiusMerge r260319 from stable/10 (r260188 from head):
2013-12-31 gjbUpdate releng/10.0/ to -RC4 as part of the 10.0-RELEASE...
2013-12-31 gjbMFC r260125:
2013-12-31 kibMFC r259951:
2013-12-30 gjbAdd manual page entities needed for the -RELEASE build...
2013-12-27 delphijMF10 r259974 (MFC r259973):
2013-12-24 gjbMFstable10 r259809 (rodrigc):
2013-12-24 gjbLink the installation article to the build.
2013-12-24 gjbFix a typo in an XML element, incorrectly updated for...
2013-12-24 gjbAdd the installation article, copied from releng/9.2,
2013-12-24 gjbFix an undo error that crept in during formatting changes.
2013-12-24 gjbAdd list of rc(8) scripts added/removed in 10.0-RELEASE.
2013-12-23 gjbSpecify there are no security advisories.
2013-12-23 gjbAdd a note that the latest version of the release notes...
2013-12-23 gjbUpdate release.url from snapshots/ to releases/.
2013-12-23 gjbMFstable10 r259788, r259789:
2013-12-23 gjbMFstable10 r259277, r259494, r259577, r259768, r259783:
2013-12-23 gjbUpdate releng/10.0 to -RC3 as part of the 10.0-RELEASE...
2013-12-23 hrsMFS r249447:
2013-12-23 glebiusRevert one line from r248885, which uncovered several...
2013-12-22 dumbbellMerge from stable/10, r259745:
2013-12-22 dumbbellMerge from stable/10, r259742:
2013-12-22 dumbbellMerge from stable/10, r259741:
2013-12-22 impDirect commit: not relevant to other branches.
2013-12-22 impMerge from stable/10 r259381:
2013-12-22 impMerge from stable/10 r259380:
2013-12-22 pjdMFC r259734:
2013-12-20 dteskeMFS10 SVN r259621:
2013-12-20 grehanMFStable r259536
2013-12-20 glebiusMerge r259541 from stable/10:
2013-12-19 npMerge r259622:
2013-12-19 alfredDefer start/stop port to workqueues.
2013-12-19 bdreweryMFS r259613:
2013-12-19 gjbSet PACKAGESITE to 'release/0' for the pkg-stage target...
2013-12-18 gjbMFC r259426, r259427:
2013-12-17 nwhitehornMF10 259465:
2013-12-17 grehanMFStable-10 r259301
2013-12-15 gjbUpdate releng/10.0 to -RC2 as part of the 10.0-RELEASE...
2013-12-15 gjbMFC r256430, r259400:
2013-12-15 gjbMFC r259113, r259115, r259144, r259148:
2013-12-14 rmhMFC r259003:
2013-12-14 dumbbellMFC r259237:
2013-12-14 dumbbellMFC r259236:
2013-12-14 dumbbellMFC r259234:
2013-12-13 traszMFC r259183:
2013-12-13 traszMFC r259182:
2013-12-13 traszMFC r258871:
2013-12-12 dimMerge r259216 from stable/10 (head r259111):
2013-12-12 dimMerge r259214 from stable/10 (head r259100):
2013-12-10 gavinMerge r259175 from stable/10 (head r257065 by adrian):
2013-12-10 gavinMerge r259174 from stable/10 (head r256294 by adrian):
2013-12-10 gavinMerge r259173 from stable/10 (head r258758 by adrian):
2013-12-10 gavinMerge r259172 from stable/10 (head r257754 by adrian):
2013-12-10 gjbMFstable10 r259151:
2013-12-09 gjbRemove svn:mergeinfo from the releng/10.0 branch.
2013-12-07 gjbForced commit to mark the real -RC1 point.
2013-12-07 gjbWhen stable/10 was branched from head/, __FreeBSD_versi...
2013-12-07 gjb- Copy stable/10 (r259064) to releng/10.0 as part of the