2014-12-23 des[SA-14:31] Fix multiple vulnerabilities in NTP suite. master
2014-12-10 delphijFix multiple vulnerabilities in file(1) and libmagic(3).
2014-11-04 des[SA-14:24] Fix denial of service attack against sshd(8).
2014-10-21 delphijTime zone data file update. [EN-14:10]
2014-10-21 delphijFix rtsold(8) remote buffer overflow vulnerability...
2014-09-16 delphijFix Denial of Service in TCP packet processing.
2014-09-09 delphijFix multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilities:
2014-07-08 delphijFix kernel memory disclosure in control message and...
2014-06-24 delphijFix multiple vulnerabilities in file(1) and libmagic(3).
2014-06-05 delphijFix OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities.
2014-06-03 delphijFix sendmail improper close-on-exec flag handling....
2014-05-13 delphijAdd pkg bootstrapping, configuration and public keys...
2014-04-30 delphijFix TCP reassembly vulnerability.
2014-04-08 delphijFix NFS deadlock vulnerability. [SA-14:05]
2014-01-14 delphijFix bsnmpd remote denial of service vulnerability....
2013-11-28 delphijMFC r257879:
2013-10-26 delphijMFC r256646, r256767, r257038:
2013-09-10 desIn IPv6 and NetATM, stop SIOCSIFADDR, SIOCSIFBRDADDR...
2013-08-22 delphijFix an integer overflow in computing the size of a...
2013-07-26 delphijFix Denial of Service vulnerability in named(8). [13:07]
2013-06-18 desFix a bug that allowed a tracing process (e.g. gdb...
2013-04-29 desFix a bug that allows NFS clients to issue READDIR...
2013-04-29 desFix a bug that allows NFS clients to issue READDIR...
2013-04-02 delphijFix OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities. [13:03]
2013-02-19 bzFix Denial of Service vulnerability in named(8) with...
2012-11-30 kensmithWe think we're ready for the 9.1-RELEASE builds.
2012-11-30 kensmithMerge r243708:
2012-11-30 hrsRemove stale documents.
2012-11-30 hrs- Bump versions and revert XML migration of the release...
2012-11-22 simonFix multiple Denial of Service vulnerabilities with...
2012-11-10 eadlerMFC r242514:
2012-10-28 kensmithReady for 9.1-RC3...
2012-10-27 hrsMFC of r242187:
2012-10-27 hrsMFC of 240586 and 240587 to unbreak release building:
2012-10-24 kensmithUpdate branch tag from RELENG_9 to RELENG_9_1.
2012-10-24 kensmithUpdate for being on releng/9.1 (RELENG_9_1).
2012-10-24 kensmithMFC r241976: Add the release package directory for...
2012-10-21 mariusMFC: r241679
2012-10-20 delphijMFC r241753:
2012-10-11 gaborMFC r241096:
2012-10-10 delphijMFC r241414:
2012-10-02 glebiusMerge r240985 from head:
2012-10-01 mavMFC r240917:
2012-09-27 mavMFC r240884:
2012-09-26 kensmithReady for 9.1-RC2 builds.
2012-09-22 delphijMFC 240729 (dougb):
2012-09-20 delphijMFC r240079:
2012-09-19 gjb- Fix release notes build on releng/9.1 [1]
2012-09-19 jkimMFC: r240476
2012-09-18 emasteMFC r240412:
2012-09-18 emasteMFC r240410:
2012-09-17 glebiusMerge r238182 by theraven@:
2012-09-17 jimharrisMFC r240514:
2012-09-16 mavMFC r240465:
2012-09-12 mavMFC r240286:
2012-09-11 pjdMFC r226738:
2012-09-11 desMFH (r240107, r240111): warn against using these for...
2012-09-10 jpaetzelMFC r240315:
2012-09-10 baptMFC: r239663, r239664
2012-09-09 mmMFC r230454 (pjd):
2012-09-08 kibMFC r239125:
2012-09-08 kibMFC r232197 (by phk):
2012-09-07 bzMFC r238935,238960:
2012-09-07 bzMFC r238877-238878:
2012-09-07 mckayMFS r240157 (MFC r235638,r239348):
2012-09-06 tuexenMFC rr240007:
2012-09-06 jimharrisMFC r239889:
2012-09-06 desMFH (r239836): align the boot partition on a 4 kB boundary.
2012-08-29 jamieMFS r239854 (including MFC r239601, r239602, r239621):
2012-08-29 avgMFC r238418: acpi_cpu: separate a notion of current...
2012-08-28 fjoeMFC: r238933
2012-08-27 jimharrisMFC r239665:
2012-08-27 jimharrisMFC r239655:
2012-08-27 jimharrisMFC r239545:
2012-08-26 impMFS: r239148
2012-08-24 bschmidtMFC r239649:
2012-08-24 bschmidtMFC r231187:
2012-08-24 cpercivaMFC r239228: Build modules along with the XENHVM kernels.
2012-08-23 delphijMFC r239464:
2012-08-22 lstewartMFC r239346:
2012-08-21 kanMFC r239470: Do not call process_nodelete with NULL...
2012-08-21 mavMFC r238673:
2012-08-21 emasteMFC r232844: Remove extraneous log message
2012-08-21 emasteMFC r238718: Quirk MS keyboard so that function keys...
2012-08-21 mariusMFC: r239079
2012-08-21 delphijMFC r238631:
2012-08-21 mariusMFC: r239089
2012-08-21 delphijMFC r239169:
2012-08-21 delphijMFC r239084:
2012-08-20 delphijMFC r239084
2012-08-20 delphijMFC r238997:
2012-08-20 desMFH r236106: avoid segfault with SSH 1 keys
2012-08-20 tuexenMFC r239052:
2012-08-20 tuexenMFC r239041:
2012-08-20 kanMFC r239253: Pospone the DF_1_NODELETE processing until...
2012-08-20 jimharrisMFC r239021:
2012-08-20 wblockMFC r239233:
2012-08-20 kanMFC r239095: Do not add handler to event handlers list...
2012-08-20 kanMFC r239019: Parse notes only after object structure...
2012-08-20 gjbMFC r239216, r239217: