MFC r368207,368607:
[FreeBSD/stable/10.git] / MAINTAINERS
1 $FreeBSD$
3 Please note that the content of this file is strictly advisory.
4 No locks listed here are valid.  The only strict review requirements
5 are granted by core.  These are documented in head/LOCKS and enforced
6 by svnadmin/conf/approvers.
8 The source tree is a community effort.  However, some folks go to the
9 trouble of looking after particular areas of the tree.  In return for
10 their active caretaking of the code it is polite to coordinate changes
11 with them.  This is a list of people who have expressed an interest in
12 part of the code or listed their active caretaking role so that other
13 committers can easily find somebody who is familiar with it.  The notes
14 should specify if there is a 3rd party source tree involved or other
15 things that should be kept in mind.
17 However, this is not a 'big stick', it is an offer to help and a source
18 of guidance.  It does not override the communal nature of the tree.
19 It is not a registry of 'turf' or private property.
21 subsystem       login   notes
22 -----------------------------
23 kqueue          jmg     Pre-commit review requested.
24 libc/posix1e    rwatson Pre-commit review requested.
25 POSIX.1e ACLs   rwatson Pre-commit review requested.
26 UFS EAs         rwatson Pre-commit review requested.
27 MAC Framework   rwatson Pre-commit review requested.
28 MAC Modules     rwatson Pre-commit review requested.
29 contrib/openbsm rwatson Pre-commit review requested.
30 sys/security/audit      rwatson Pre-commit review requested.
31 ath(4)          adrian  Pre-commit review requested, send to
32 ahc(4)          gibbs   Pre-commit review requested.
33 ahd(4)          gibbs   Pre-commit review requested.
34 PC Card         imp     Pre-commit review requested.
35 CardBus         imp     Pre-commit review requested.
36 pci bus         imp,jhb Pre-commit review requested.
37 cdboot          jhb     Pre-commit review requested.
38 pxeboot         jhb     Pre-commit review requested.
39 witness         jhb     Pre-commit review requested.
40 CAM             gibbs,
41                 ken     Pre-commit review requested. send to
42 devstat(9)      ken     Pre-commit review requested.
43 camcontrol(8)   ken     Pre-commit review requested.
44 libcam          ken     Pre-commit review requested.
45 libdevstat      ken     Pre-commit review requested.
46 iostat(8)       ken     Pre-commit review requested.
47 cd(4)           ken     Pre-commit review requested.
48 pass(4)         ken     Pre-commit review requested.
49 ch(4)           ken     Pre-commit review requested.
50 em(4)           jfv     Pre-commit review requested.
51 bxe(4)          davidch Pre-commit review requested.
52 tdfx(4)         cokane  Just keep me informed of changes, try not to break it.
53 sendmail        gshapiro        Pre-commit review requested.
54 etc/mail        gshapiro        Pre-commit review requested.
55                                 Keep in sync with -STABLE.
56 etc/sendmail    gshapiro        Pre-commit review requested.
57                                 Keep in sync with -STABLE.
58 libfetch        des     Advance notification requested.
59 fetch           des     Advance notification requested.
60 libpam          des     Pre-commit review requested.
61 openssh         des     Pre-commit review requested.
62 pseudofs        des     Pre-commit review requested.
63 procfs          des     Pre-commit review requested.
64 linprocfs       des     Pre-commit review requested.
65 lpr             gad     Pre-commit review requested, particularly for
66                         lpd/recvjob.c and lpd/printjob.c.
67 net80211        adrian  Pre-commit review requested, send to
68 nvi             peter   Try not to break it.
69 libz            peter   Try not to break it.
70 groff           ru      Recommends pre-commit review.
71 share/mk        ru      This is a vital component of the build system, so I
72                         offer a pre-commit review for anything non-trivial.
73 ipfw            ipfw    Pre-commit review preferred. send to
74 drm             rnoland Just keep me informed of changes, try not to break it.
75 unifdef(1)      fanf    Pre-commit review requested.
76 ntp             roberto Pre-commit review requested.
77 inetd           dwmalone        Recommends pre-commit review.
78 contrib/smbfs   bp      Open for in-tree committs. In case of functional
79                         changes pre-commit review requested.
80 contrib/pf      mlaier  Pre-commit review requested.
81 binutils        obrien  Insists on BU blocked from unapproved commits
82 file            obrien  Insists to keep file blocked from other's unapproved
83                         commits
84 contrib/bzip2   obrien  Pre-commit review required.
85 geom_concat     pjd     Pre-commit review preferred.
86 geom_eli        pjd     Pre-commit review preferred.
87 geom_gate       pjd     Pre-commit review preferred.
88 geom_label      pjd     Pre-commit review preferred.
89 geom_mirror     pjd     Pre-commit review preferred.
90 geom_nop        pjd     Pre-commit review preferred.
91 geom_raid3      pjd     Pre-commit review preferred.
92 geom_shsec      pjd     Pre-commit review preferred.
93 geom_stripe     pjd     Pre-commit review preferred.
94 geom_zero       pjd     Pre-commit review preferred.
95 sbin/geom       pjd     Pre-commit review preferred.
96 zfs             pjd     Pre-commit review preferred.
97 nfs             alfred  Will be happy to review code, but not mandatory.
98 rpc.lockd       alfred  Will be happy to review code, but not mandatory.
99 truss           alfred  Will be happy to review code, but not mandatory.
100 rpc             alfred  Pre-commit review requested.
101 pkg_install     portmgr Pre-commit review or approval from portmgr@ requested.
102 linux emul      emulation       Please discuss changes here.
103 bs{diff,patch}  cperciva        Pre-commit review requested.
104 portsnap        cperciva        Pre-commit review requested.
105 freebsd-update  cperciva        Pre-commit review requested.
106 openssl         benl            Pre-commit review requested.
107 sys/netgraph/bluetooth  emax    Pre-commit review preferred.
108 lib/libbluetooth        emax    Pre-commit review preferred.
109 lib/libsdp              emax    Pre-commit review preferred.
110 usr.bin/bluetooth       emax    Pre-commit review preferred.
111 usr.sbin/bluetooth      emax    Pre-commit review preferred.
112 *env(3)         secteam Due to the problematic security history of this
113                         code, please have patches reviewed by secteam.
114 share/zoneinfo          edwin   Heads-up appreciated, since our data is coming
115                                 from a third party source.
116 usr.sbin/zic            edwin   Heads-up appreciated, since this code is
117                                 maintained by a third party source.
118 lib/libc/stdtime        edwin   Heads-up appreciated, since parts of this code
119                                 is maintained by a third party source.
120 sbin/routed     bms     Pre-commit review; notify vendor at
121 isci(4)         jimharris       Pre-commit review requested.
122 3dfx            cokane          Pre-commit review preferred.
123 cmx      Pre-commit review preferred.
124 filemon         obrien          Pre-commit review preferred.
125 sysdoc          trhodes         Pre-commit review preferred.
126 sh(1)           jilles          Pre-commit review requested. This also applies
127                                 to kill(1), printf(1) and test(1) which are
128                                 compiled in as builtins.
129 nvme(4)         jimharris       Pre-commit review requested.
130 nvd(4)          jimharris       Pre-commit review requested.
131 nvmecontrol(8)  jimharris       Pre-commit review requested.