2016-12-22 delphijFix multiple vulnerabilities of ntp. master
2016-12-07 glebiusMerge r309688: address regressions in SA-16:37.libc.
2016-12-06 glebiusFix possible login(1) argument injection in telnetd...
2016-12-05 glebiusUpdate tzdata to 2016i.
2016-12-05 glebiusMerge r307359 from stable/10:
2016-11-02 delphijFix OpenSSL remote DoS vulnerability. [SA-16:35]
2016-10-25 glebiusRevised SA-16:15. The initial patch didn't cover all...
2016-10-10 delphijFix bspatch heap overflow vulnerability. [SA-16:29]
2016-09-26 delphijApply upstream revision 3612ff6fcec0e3d1f2a598135fe1217...
2016-09-23 delphijFix multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilitites.
2016-07-25 delphijFix bspatch heap overflow vulnerability. [SA-16:25]
2016-06-04 delphijFix multiple ntp vulnerabilities.
2016-05-31 glebiusFix kernel stack disclosure in Linux compatibility...
2016-05-31 glebiusMerge r300361 by mm@:
2016-05-17 glebius- Use unsigned version of min() when handling arguments...
2016-05-04 delphijFix multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilitites. [SA-16:17]
2016-04-29 delphijFix ntp multiple vulnerabilities.
2016-03-16 glebiuso Fix OpenSSH xauth(1) command injection. [SA-16:14]
2016-03-03 delphijFix multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilities.
2016-01-30 delphijFix OpenSSL SSLv2 ciphersuite downgrade vulnerability.
2016-01-27 delphijFix multiple vulnerabilities of ntp. [SA-16:09]
2016-01-14 glebiusFix OpenSSH client information leak.
2016-01-14 glebiuso Fix invalid TCP checksums with pf(4). []
2015-12-05 delphijFix OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities.
2015-11-04 glebiuso Fix regressions related to SA-15:25 upgrade of NTP...
2015-10-26 glebiusUpgrade NTP to 4.2.8p4.
2015-10-02 delphijFix a regression with SA-15:24 patch that prevented...
2015-09-29 delphijThe Sun RPC framework uses a netbuf structure to repres...
2015-09-16 delphijImplement pubkey support for pkg(7) bootstrap. [EN...
2015-08-25 delphijFix local privilege escalation in IRET handler. [SA...
2015-08-18 delphijFix patchlevel in UPDATING.
2015-08-18 delphijFix multiple integer overflows in expat.
2015-08-05 delphijFix patch(1) shell injection vulnerability via ed(1...
2015-07-28 delphijCorrect patchlevel.
2015-07-28 delphijFix patch(1) shell injection vulnerability. [SA-15:14]
2015-07-21 delphijFix resource exhaustion due to sessions stuck in LAST_A...
2015-06-30 delphij[EN-15:08] Revised: Improvements to sendmail TLS/DH...
2015-06-18 delphijRaise the default for sendmail client connections to...
2015-06-12 delphijFix OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities.
2015-06-10 delphijsrc/UPDATING in releng/10.1 should reflect the right...
2015-06-09 delphijUpdate base system file(1) to 5.22 to address multiple...
2015-05-13 delphijFix bug with freebsd-update(8) that does not ensure...
2015-04-07 delphijImprove patch for SA-15:04.igmp to solve a potential...
2015-03-20 delphijFix issues with original SA-15:06.openssl commit:
2015-03-19 delphijFix multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilities.
2015-03-19 delphijFix multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilities.
2015-02-25 delphijFix integer overflow in IGMP protocol. [SA-15:04]
2015-01-27 delphijFix SCTP SCTP_SS_VALUE kernel memory corruption and...
2015-01-14 delphijFix multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSL. [SA-15:01]
2014-12-23 des[SA-14:31] Fix multiple vulnerabilities in NTP suite.
2014-12-17 delphijFix unbound remote denial of service vulnerability.
2014-12-10 desBump BRANCH (forgotten in r275670)
2014-12-10 delphijFix buffer overflow in stdio.
2014-11-11 gjbForced commit to sys/conf/ to mark the real
2014-11-11 gjbSet static abitag to the current value of __FreeBSD_ver...
2014-11-11 gjbUpdate releng/10.1 to -RELEASE status, and prepare
2014-11-11 gjbDocument incompatibility between bsdconfig(8) and
2014-11-11 jfvUpdate the Intel ixl/ixlv drivers to fix a panic in...
2014-11-10 jhbMFstable10 273998:
2014-11-06 gjbDocument SA-14:25, SA-14:26
2014-11-05 wblockMFC r274128:
2014-11-04 des[SA-14:25] Fix kernel stack disclosure in setlogin...
2014-11-04 gjbMFstable10 r274102:
2014-11-03 gjbUpdate the hardware page to reflect CPU updates/additions
2014-10-30 gjbUpdate releng/10.1 to -RC4 as part of the 10.1-RELEASE...
2014-10-29 neelMFS10 r273573, MFC r273356:
2014-10-29 smhMFS10 r273814
2014-10-28 mavMFS10 r273767 / MFC r273638:
2014-10-26 gjbMFstable10 r273698:
2014-10-25 gjbNote to avoid using GENERIC kernel on i386 when using
2014-10-24 gjbDocument r273399, OpenSSL updated to version 1.0.1j.
2014-10-24 delphijMFS r273580: MFC r273577:
2014-10-21 gjbUpdate releng/10.1 to -RC3 as part of the 10.1-RELEASE...
2014-10-21 gjbMFstable10 r273429:
2014-10-21 gjbDocument the following security advisories:
2014-10-21 delphijFix rtsold(8) remote buffer overflow vulnerability...
2014-10-21 delphijMFS r273149 (jkim): MFC: r273144, r273146
2014-10-21 emasteAdd basic UEFI boot procedure manpage
2014-10-21 gjbMFstable10 r273354:
2014-10-20 mavMFS10 r273272 (r273143 in head):
2014-10-20 tuexenMFC10 r273275 (r273168 in head):
2014-10-20 emasteMFS10 r273296 (r273219 in HEAD):
2014-10-20 emasteMFS10 r273294 (r273178 in HEAD):
2014-10-17 jhbMFS10 273238;
2014-10-17 emasteMFS10 r273232 (HEAD r257302 by rea):
2014-10-17 gjbFill in the security advisories section.
2014-10-17 gjbDocument the current version of pkg(8) for the release.
2014-10-17 gjbRemove empty sections.
2014-10-17 gjbRewrap a paragraph to conform to FDP style.
2014-10-17 gjbDocument r273199, support for building VM images for...
2014-10-17 gjbDocument r273101, support for building VM images as...
2014-10-17 gjbDocument r273098, options for displaying mkimg(1) internals
2014-10-17 gjbDocument r272819, mkimg(1) QCOW and QCOW2 support.
2014-10-17 gjbAdd a section for periodic(8) scripts.
2014-10-17 gjbDocument r272078, addition of /usr/lib32/compat to...
2014-10-17 smhMFS10 r273057
2014-10-17 smhMFS10 r273161
2014-10-16 gjbMFstable10 r273198:
2014-10-16 glebiusMerge r273184, r273185 from stable/10:
2014-10-16 delphijMFS r273191: MFC r273060: