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Project Description Owner Last Change
CDN/.attic/crc32sum.git crc32sum: Compute the crc32... CyberLeo 12 years ago
CDN/.attic/freebsd-rc.git freebsd-rc: A convenience... CyberLeo 12 years ago
CDN/Mosi.git Mosi: A read-only, flash-based... CyberLeo 10 years ago
CDN/bash-config.git Easy Bash configuration CyberLeo 6 years ago
CDN/bonnie-benchmarks.git A framework for running bonnie... CyberLeo 9 years ago
CDN/cdn-ports-overlay.git CDN Ports Overlay CyberLeo 18 months ago
CDN/flag.git Compute a cute little ansi... CyberLeo 2 years ago
CDN/j.git J: Linux Chroot Handler CyberLeo 9 years ago
CDN/metadata.git Unnamed repository; edit this... CyberLeo 5 years ago
CDN/portage-cdn.git CDN Internal Portage Overlay CyberLeo 3 months ago
CDN/shlib.git shlib: a series of modular... CyberLeo 9 years ago
CDN/status.git Unnamed repository; edit this... CyberLeo 7 years ago
CDN/taggery.git Imageboard downloader helpers CyberLeo 23 months ago
CDN/ Website CyberLeo 5 years ago
FreeBSD/FreeBSD.git Unnamed repository; edit this... CyberLeo 26 hours ago
FreeBSD/releng/10.0.git 10.0-RELEASE CyberLeo 7 years ago
FreeBSD/releng/10.1.git 10.1-RELEASE CyberLeo 5 years ago
FreeBSD/releng/10.2.git 10.2-RELEASE CyberLeo 5 years ago
FreeBSD/releng/10.3.git 10.3-RELEASE CyberLeo 4 years ago
FreeBSD/releng/7.2.git 7.2-RELEASE CyberLeo 12 years ago
FreeBSD/releng/8.0.git 8.0-RELEASE CyberLeo 11 years ago
FreeBSD/releng/8.1.git 8.1-RELEASE CyberLeo 10 years ago
FreeBSD/releng/8.2.git 8.2-RELEASE CyberLeo 10 years ago
FreeBSD/releng/9.0.git 9.0-RELEASE CyberLeo 9 years ago
FreeBSD/releng/9.1.git 9.1-RELEASE CyberLeo 7 years ago
FreeBSD/releng/9.2.git 9.2-RELEASE CyberLeo 7 years ago
FreeBSD/releng/9.3.git 9.3-RELEASE CyberLeo 5 years ago
FreeBSD/stable/10.git 10-STABLE CyberLeo 19 months ago
FreeBSD/stable/8.git 8-STABLE CyberLeo 2 years ago
FreeBSD/stable/9.git 9-STABLE CyberLeo 23 months ago
Github/YOURLS.git Unnamed repository; edit this... CyberLeo 3 years ago
Github/sugarcrm.git SugarCRM local repository... CyberLeo 8 years ago
SourceForge/afuse.git afuse: a simple FUSSE-based... CyberLeo 11 years ago
SourceForge/eyefi-config.git EyeFi configuration utility... CyberLeo 11 years ago
SourceForge/phpwiki.git Unnamed repository; edit this... CyberLeo 8 years ago