2020-08-29 CyberLeoAdd rule34.paheal profile master origin/master
2020-03-05 CyberLeoUpdate for new e621 release (and dodge mandatory blackl...
2020-03-04 CyberLeoAdd rule34xxx and atfbooru profiles
2018-06-01 CyberLeoUpdate sankakucomplex image url filter to fix timestamp
2018-04-28 CyberLeoUpdate konachan image url filter to choose png over jpg
2017-11-18 CyberLeoe621 started blocking wget. How unfortunate.
2017-11-17 CyberLeoUpdate gelbooru tags filter
2017-10-30 CyberLeoAdd profile
2017-10-30 CyberLeoAdd noop mode to fetch
2017-10-30 CyberLeoThese are shellscripts; name them appropriately.
2017-09-21 CyberLeoAdd konachan profile; also update lolibooru as it is...
2017-08-30 CyberLeoUpdate gelbooru to extract tags properly
2017-02-05 CyberLeoGelbooru is finally switching to https, yay!
2016-10-02 CyberLeoExtract e621 file URL from download link instead
2016-08-18 CyberLeoClean up debug output
2016-08-18 CyberLeoBug in taggery_image_name
2016-08-15 CyberLeoAdd lolibooru and smarter filename extractor
2016-08-15 CyberLeoAdd debugging options
2016-04-07 CyberLeoAdd sankakucomplex downloader
2016-04-07 CyberLeoChange to accept URL instead of post ID and glean profi...
2016-04-07 CyberLeoRemove lolibooru: site is gone
2015-10-29 CyberLeoUse referer for CDNs that forbid hotlinking
2015-06-11 CyberLeoCorrect e621 tag extraction
2015-05-03 CyberLeoAdd danbooru filter
2014-12-03 CyberLeoMore gracefully handle deleted posts
2013-03-04 CyberLeoRudimentary pool support
2013-03-04 CyberLeoAdd safebooru filter
2013-03-04 CyberLeoAdd wildcritters filter
2013-03-04 CyberLeoUse tmp/ for temporary file storage
2013-03-04 CyberLeokvs: add has_key implementation
2013-03-04 CyberLeoAvoid slashes in tag names
2013-03-04 CyberLeoAvoid re-downloading files
2012-08-13 CyberLeoAdd profile name to list of tags
2012-06-16 CyberLeoAdd lolibooru filter
2012-05-19 CyberLeoDRY
2012-05-19 CyberLeoMove custom site settings into their own files
2012-05-19 CyberLeoWhat is this I don't even...
2012-05-19 CyberLeoInitial commit