2010-05-27 cpercivaChange the current working directory to be inside the... master
2010-02-27 cpercivaMFC r197223: Fix a deadlock in the ULE scheduler.
2010-01-06 simonFix BIND named(8) cache poisoning with DNSSEC validation.
2009-12-03 simonBump the patch level in the kernel version number,...
2009-12-03 cpercivaDisable SSL renegotiation in order to protect against...
2009-10-02 simonMFC r197711 (partial) to 6.x and 7.x:
2009-07-29 simonFix BIND named(8) dynamic update message remote DoS.
2009-06-24 cpercivaMFS r192477: Fix packet length calculation in bce(4...
2009-06-10 cpercivaPrevent integer overflow in direct pipe write code...
2009-05-01 kensmithGet ready for 7.2-RELEASE builds.
2009-05-01 kensmithPredict announcement day for 7.2-RELEASE.
2009-04-30 hrsMerge r191705 change in the English version.
2009-04-30 hrsRevise entry for superpages.
2009-04-30 delphijSync with English revisions.
2009-04-29 hrsVarious wording/grammar fixes.
2009-04-29 hrs- Update entries for increased KVA on amd64 and superpa...
2009-04-29 hrsFix a typo.
2009-04-29 hrsFix a typo.
2009-04-29 hrs- Updare release notes:
2009-04-29 hrsUpdare release notes:
2009-04-28 hrsUpdate release notes:
2009-04-27 hrsUpdate release notes:
2009-04-27 bruefferDocument an issue of jail(8) in conjunction with cpuset(1).
2009-04-27 delphijAdd -C back.
2009-04-26 blackendAdd a missing space and remove a superfluous char.
2009-04-26 hrsUpdate release note:
2009-04-26 hrsUpdate release note:
2009-04-26 hrsUpdate release notes:
2009-04-26 blackends/&os:/&os;/ wrongly added by myself (damn it builded...
2009-04-26 hrsUpdate release notes:
2009-04-26 blackend- Add/usr trademarks for Windows;
2009-04-26 blackendMFC:
2009-04-26 hrsUpdate release note:
2009-04-25 hrsUpdate release note:
2009-04-25 mariusMFC: r191491, r191492
2009-04-25 hrs- Use arch="" attr instead of literal [&;].
2009-04-25 hrsAdd &;.
2009-04-25 hrsBump version number for 7.2.
2009-04-25 hrsTrim errata document for 7.2.
2009-04-25 blackendSmall attempt to update a bit relnotes:
2009-04-25 blackendAdd following Security Advisories:
2009-04-25 blackendRemove footer belonging to -STABLE version
2009-04-25 blackendUpdate various entities required by release notes.
2009-04-25 blackendRemove old (unmaintained) translations.
2009-04-23 rwatsonMerge r191434 from stable/7 to releng/7.2:
2009-04-23 bruefferMFC r191414
2009-04-23 kensmithAdjust for the 7.2-RELEASE package set.
2009-04-23 bruefferMFC r190822
2009-04-23 kensmithGet ready for 7.2-RC2 builds.
2009-04-22 rnolandMerge 191274.
2009-04-22 cpercivaDon't leak information via uninitialized space in db...
2009-04-22 robertoMFH of changeset r191200:
2009-04-22 bzMFC r191305:
2009-04-21 cpercivaMFH r191302: Fix a buffer overflow.
2009-04-21 blackendMFC: r191265
2009-04-20 emaxMFC r191232
2009-04-20 emaxMFC r191164
2009-04-18 edwinMFC of tzdata2009f
2009-04-17 mariusMFC: r191076
2009-04-17 mariusMFC: r191072
2009-04-17 kanMFC r191218 and related backout r191220.
2009-04-17 jhbMFC: Use a disk address instead of an int to hold the...
2009-04-17 dchaginMerge r190708 from HEAD to releng/7.2:
2009-04-17 alcMFC r175055
2009-04-15 kanMFC r191081-191082:
2009-04-15 kensmithAdd package directory for 7.2-REL. While here add...
2009-04-15 kensmithBump __FreeBSD_version for 7.2-REL plus the shift to...
2009-04-15 kensmithAlmost ready for 7.2-RC1 builds.
2009-04-15 kensmithUpdate CVS tag to RELENG_7_2.
2009-04-15 kensmithBump version from 7.1 to 7.2.
2009-04-15 kensmithChange default version for manual pages to 7.2.
2009-04-15 kensmithUpdate branch to use.
2009-04-15 kensmithCreate releng/7.2 from stable/7 in preparation for...