2012-08-06 simonFix named(8) DNSSEC validation Denial of Service. master
2012-06-12 bzFix a problem where zero-length RDATA fields can cause...
2012-05-30 bzUpdate the previous openssl fix. [12:01]
2012-05-03 bzFix multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilities.
2012-01-04 cpercivaExtend the character set accepted by freebsd-update...
2011-12-23 cpercivaFix a problem whereby a corrupt DNS record can cause...
2011-10-04 cpercivaFix a bug in UNIX socket handling in the linux emulator...
2011-09-28 bzFix handling of corrupt compress(1)ed data. [11:04]
2011-05-28 simonFix an off by one which can result in a assertion failu...
2011-04-20 cpercivaFix CIDR parsing bug in mountd ACLs.
2011-02-16 kensmithReady for 8.2-RELEASE builds to start.
2011-02-16 kensmithGuess when all the bits will be in place for announcing...
2011-02-13 simonMFS 218633:
2011-02-12 hrss/9.6-ESV-R4/9.6-ESV-R3/.
2011-02-12 hrs- FreeBSD/mips Netlogic Microsystems XLR, XLS multicore...
2011-02-12 hrsAdd revision attribute handling. Links are now generat...
2011-02-11 hrsAdd more relnotes items for 8.2R:
2011-02-11 jhbMFC 218271:
2011-02-11 hrsAdd more relnotes items for 8.2R:
2011-02-08 hrsAdd more relnotes items for 8.2R:
2011-02-08 hrsAdd more relnotes items for 8.2R:
2011-02-08 mmMFC r218166:
2011-02-08 hrsAdd more relnotes items for 8.2R:
2011-02-06 hrsAdd more relnotes items for 8.2R:
2011-02-06 hrsAdd relnotes entries for upcoming 8.2R (first round):
2011-01-31 kensmithAdjust package set for 8.2-RELEASE. Packages keep...
2011-01-29 kensmithReady for 8.2-RC3.
2011-01-28 jkimMFC: r217587
2011-01-27 cpercivaMFC r217872: Unbreak .Dd line.
2011-01-27 cpercivaMFC r217869,217870: Fix .Dd lines in re(4) and nfe(4).
2011-01-27 jfvMFC ixgbe cummulative patch from stable/8
2011-01-26 bschmidtMFC r217511:
2011-01-25 jfvMFC stable/8 r217711
2011-01-25 thompsaMFC r203134,r207990,r217289,r203135
2011-01-25 jfvMFC stable/8 r217710
2011-01-25 thompsaMFC r217727
2011-01-24 yongariMFC r217548:
2011-01-22 kibMFC r217383:
2011-01-21 mariusMFC: r217464, r217468, r217475
2011-01-21 mariusMFC: r217415
2011-01-20 yongariMFC r217296:
2011-01-20 impMF8 r217553:
2011-01-20 rmacklemMFC: r217242
2011-01-19 cpercivaMFS r217408: Don't use amdc1e on XEN && !XEN_PRIVILEGED...
2011-01-18 hrsClean up old items.
2011-01-11 deischenMFC: 217169
2011-01-11 kensmithReady for 8.2-RC2.
2011-01-10 yongariMFC r217226:
2011-01-10 hrs- Bump version numbers for the upcoming release.
2011-01-07 cpercivaMFS r217050: Make minidumps work on i386/XEN.
2011-01-07 brianMFC r216832: Make -S functional
2011-01-07 mmMFC r216919:
2011-01-07 lstewartMFC r210144 (originally committed by imp):
2011-01-06 cpercivaMFS r217056: Make i386_set_ldt work (rather than panic...
2011-01-06 cpercivaMFS r217055: Don't panic when a disk is detached on...
2011-01-06 cpercivaMFS r217053: Fix the Xen console to not spew \0 bytes...
2011-01-06 cpercivaMFS r217052: Fix a panic when gstat exits or when ...
2011-01-06 cpercivaMFS r217051: Fix panic when mlock(2) is used on i386...
2011-01-06 jkimMFC: r216940
2011-01-05 gavinMFC r216892 from head (Which is an MFi386 of r216012...
2011-01-05 bcrMFC r211397:
2011-01-05 mariusMFC: r216891
2011-01-04 jhbMFC 216769:
2011-01-03 jhbMFC 216679:
2011-01-02 bschmidtMFC r216824:
2010-12-31 bzMFC r216848:
2010-12-29 rmacklemMFC: r216691
2010-12-29 simonMFS r216725:
2010-12-28 olegMFC r213265:
2010-12-27 olegMFC r203548:
2010-12-27 hrs- route(8) manual page update: no longer supports RTF_C...
2010-12-26 thompsaMFC r216249
2010-12-26 tuexenMFC c216502:
2010-12-26 kibMFC r216572:
2010-12-26 kibMFC r216454:
2010-12-26 kibMFC r216453:
2010-12-26 bschmidtMFC r216557:
2010-12-22 kensmithReady for RC1 builds.
2010-12-22 nwhitehornMFC r216469:
2010-12-22 kensmithAdd packages-7.4-release and packages-8.2-release for...
2010-12-22 kensmithAdjust __FreeBSD_version for the 8.2 release.
2010-12-22 kensmithAdjust branch tag in example.
2010-12-22 kensmithMisc. 8.1 -> 8.2 adjustments for the 8.2 release.
2010-12-22 kensmithAdjust the FreeBSD version printed as part of manual...
2010-12-22 kensmithAdjust branch tag for 'make update'.
2010-12-21 kensmithCopy stable/8 to releng/8.2 in preparation for FreeBSD...